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Joni Siani teaching a college course on Effective Communication Cyberbullying challenge gains urgency (9/10/2016) - While I was teaching a class on the psychological impact of our digital world to a group of college students in an Effective Communication class, we got into the research on how social media contributes to “group think.” Students were reflective of their own behavior as we discussed this powerful emotional pull to agree with […]
ron-pompeil-300x203 The Truth, Trump and the Media (8/16/2016) - “He who controls the media, controls the world.”  Jim Morrison If anyone is responsible for the rise of Donald Trump it is our media.  Giving props where they’re deserved, Donald Trump is a masterful marketing genius.  Just as Ron Popeil, could sell billions of dollars of slice ’em dice ‘em products, whether we needed them […]
doubleedgedsword-273x300 The dark side of social media – too big for parents alone (7/28/2016) - A rebuttal to the CNN report with Anderson Cooper, “#Being13: Inside the Secret World of Teens,”on Oct. 5, 2015 What an incredible opportunity to expose the honest issues of digital socialization. And…what a missed opportunity to offer honest solutions and credible research. At first I watched Anderson Cooper with a sense of relief, thinking “THANK […]
blog-put-down-my-phone Why can’t I put down my phone!?! (5/15/2016) - It’s not you, it’s your brain! Our attachment to our digital devices has been in the news quite a bit. Broadway legend Patti Lupone received coverage for stepping off the stage to take the phone out of the hand of a theater-goer who was texting during Lupone’s performance. At another show, an audience member used […]