Our Story

No App For Life, is about balance.  We’re elevating the dialogue beyond the reductive and limiting discussions of “technology” being either good or bad.  School officials are struggling with creating policy, procedures and protocols, and we have yet to have an honest national discourse of “best practices” that includes the addictive nature, psychological implications of childhood development, social skills, and interpersonal relationships.  We keep looking at the device itself,  without the deeper conversation of what IT is doing TO us.

Our Mission

More and more young adults are now realizing that the digital lifestyle they grew up  in has, in fact, not met the promises of greater connections.  Honest conversations reveal they feel more unfulfilled and lonelier as a result of the forced superficial, judgmental, overly dependent and artificial connections of social media and the digital socialization experience.

No App For Life follows the Embrace and Let Go © paradox.  We can Embrace the aspects of 21st Century technology that enriches the values of the human experience, and also be empowered to Let Go of elements that erode our authentic human needs, relationships and personal development.

Our Strategy

We are all “inter-connected” and the reality is that our 21st century technology has created some unrealistic expectations, fewer boundaries between our personal and professional lives, confusion due to the lack of protocol for social interaction, and the experience of judgmental social media connections in the digital age.

We offer a forum to examine the true effects of our digital lifestyle, reevaluate the way we’re using our technology, analyze how our devices are shaping our personal development, question the influence of digital devices on our children, and join together to create new social norms for a healthier relationship with the ever growing technology of the 21st century.