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What is the No App For Life challenge?

Every time we screen the Celling Your Soul documentary, we find viewers are motivated to experience the same positive out come as the students in the film! We developed the official No App For Life challenge as a plan of action. This one-week exercise works for younger students as well as the more independent college students.

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This is a seven-day mindful communication program designed to combat the unintended consequences of digital socialization. The research is in – which confirms what our teens and young adults have been trying to tell us for years.
Communicating through screens has taken a toll on their social/emotional well- being and they want out!

Unlike smart phone bans or locking your phone away for a week, we’ve found self-motivation is more effective. This is your choice and a chance to learn about yourself and the observe the world of connectivity through a different lens.

During the seven days, the objective is to monitor your level of anxiety while reflectively journaling every day. This is an opportunity to “challenge” your human apps, taking one week to experience the benefits of authentically connecting, listening empathetically, speaking spontaneously to build your verbal confidence, shutting down the noise of social media and creating more interpersonal conversations to build trust.

The No App For Life challenge gives you permission to opt out, implement healthy boundaries, and gives you a great “excuse” to temper the digital demands of 24/7 connectivity to build autonomy and confidence.

If you need to let the world know you’re taking a break for a while, use the #NoAppForLife-see you in a week. Trust me, it will all be there when you get back!

Remember – there are great utility apps and technological tools…but, there is no app for being understood, feeling validated, experiencing an empathetic connection…no app for love…no app for life – that’s all uniquely human!

Celling Your Soul and NoAppForLife challenge materials are available at Bullfrog Films.

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Hear from some of our students who took the challenge.


Are you ready to take the No App For Life Challenge!