The Program

The Siani System and the No App For Life Chalenge is a simple approach to fulfilling a balanced communication life style within a digitally focused culture.

We believe that before we teach our children how to talk to a million people in a fraction of a second, we should first teach them how to talk to just one. Before we allow them to tune into the static sounds of our mediated world, we should teach them how to tune into the quiet whisper of their own reflective thoughts. Instead of working on the brand, work on yourself. Incorporate the Embrace and Let Go paradox of embracing the good in technology and know how and when to let go for greater personal fulfillment.

Our program offers specific solutions to balancing personal communication in the digital age.  We focus on empowerment and three principals of honesty, boundaries and protocol.

This Siani System and the No App For Life challenge have been improving personal relationships – more fulfilling personal relationships, and more effective and productive professional relationships.  Created by Media and Communications Scholar and Communication Consultant, Joni Siani, these simple principles can be incorporated into your life, your business and your school setting. Learn more and book a consultation with Professor Siani.