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CYS-Film-Poster-4-17-smOur award-winning documentary Celling Your Soul is an honest conversation about our love/hate relationship with our devices from the first “digitally socialized” generation…and, what we can do about it.”

Follow up your community screening with an engaging conversation, workshop to learn the program, and get ready for the “No App For life Challenge”, an innovative and eye opening group project.

The Celling Your Soul documentary is uniquely told through the perspective of those most affected by digital socialization, the 18 – 24 year olds who were the first to experience a world where we text instead of talk, and friends are developed with a “click.”  Celling Your Soul reveals the shocking impact this cultural shift has had on an entire generation and how we can help the next generation.

This compassionate and motivational film inspires re-engagement in the human experience. These honest conversations reveal young Millennials feel more unfulfilled and lonelier as a result of the forced, superficial, judgmental, overly dependent and artificial connections of social media and less personal connections.   Perfect for schools, organizations and businesses who appreciate the power and benefits of honest human engagement.

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Director's Chair Film Festival NYC Film Festival Official Selection 2016   Boston International Film Festival NYC Film Festival Official Selection 2015   Boston International Film Festival Best Documentary 2015   Ocktober Film Festival NYC Film Festival Official Selection 2016    NYC Film Festival Official Selection 2016